Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Says ET....Another crack in the wall, weaking the economic base.
Only when the whole world is beginning to utter sighs of relief, Dubai makes sure we shiver and shit in our pants for a little more time.
If the world remembers the mixed reactions of CEOs and CFOs world wide, I remember the one and only comment of 'The God' Paul Krugman, I see a double dip and least said that IS happening.
I would like to call it the Drop-Sprinkle Effect(self prophecy)
If water is released through a hose on a point, the water sprinkles all over. With globalization and sub prime crisis taking its toll, Dubai does not come as a surprise.
Why is it happening? Wait for dubai to come out of their for-sometime-now-busy-phonelines and confess it.
Least Unexpected, Highly Effective. Another Black Swan.
HOW MANY MORE to come? Not sure

Monday, September 28, 2009

What's going on?

Lots. G20 leaders brainstorm on the expiry date of stimulus. Dell buys Perot. Repo rates by RBI are increased and decreased without a long term view, Bharati and the (as per me, infamous) MTN still struggle with laws and dual listing,Recent much speculated on IPOs stumble, each and every organization be it ICAI, CBI, find Satyam guilty, dollar depreciates the last week, commodity prices increase, Lenders of micro finance are NOW finding it difficult to get back their money, Inflation rises by half a percent (sigh or high?) and Paul Krugman still holds on to the view that the world will go into a double dip. Did we just come out of the dip or are we yet to plunge again? Views and News coming soon

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